I'm Jaclyn Urban, a soprano, inside out and upside down. 
I am an inquisitive yogini, and passionate teacher of singing and vinyasa yoga. I also am a fierce advocate for a life designed by one's core desired feelings and love facilitating Desire Map workshops integrated with Yoga to dive into this transformative inquiry.
I believe in the magic of self-awareness; 
those moments in song or on the mat when you are lit up
 – breath is grounded, body feels free and boundless, 
and you are flowing..everything just kinda softly lines up. 

Consider this an invite to hire me to perform at your next event...
or to schedule a group or private singing lesson.... 
or life performance coaching via The Desire Map session..... 
and/or a Yoga and The Desire Map Workshop,

...time dedicated to a process of discovering yourSelf, 
enabling you to create full expression…
On the yoga mat, in the practice room...or on stage.
Create a time to truly be with yourSelf..your breath, your body, your voice. 
It’s amazing what you’ll uncover. 

You may experience bouts of euphoria,
 and move, sing, and LIVE in ways you always knew were possible.

I am available to perform as well as to instruct group & private Singing and Piano Lessons, 
Life Performance Coaching sessions via 
The Desire Map, and 
Yoga and The Desire Map Workshop Facilitation. 

 Contact me via jaclynviamusica@gmail.com or 
private message on my facebook page,
Urbanlotusperformancecoaching, with any inquiries.


Singing Lessons

"Jaclyn is a fantastic teacher. She will work with your taste in music, and let you sing things you like, while helping you sing more confidently."                                                                                                               Sonia S., 13 yr-old

"Jaclyn was a blessing. We could not have found a teacher more suited to teaching our adolescent daughter. We found her to be personable, caring and competent."                                                                   Chris S., parent of 13 yr-old

"Jaclyn provided a most memorable singing experience for my daughter. She not only taught the finer techniques of vocal training, but also exemplified her understanding of the emotional and physical components to success. Jaclyn is seemingly tireless, and with her ever-present passion for singing, she is a beautiful example of immersing yourself in what you love".                                 Emily B, parent of 12-yr old

"I had always wanted to sing. Years ago when I auditioned for a high school musical, the teacher laughed at me. Jaclyn has given to me the confidence and skills to enjoy my own voice".                David W., adult male student

"Jackie was my daughter's voice instructor for one year. Because my daughter was young and rather shy, Jackie suggested she take lessons with a friend. The two girls had a wonderful experience and enjoyed learning a variety of songs. Jackie went beyond teaching basic vocal techniques, often implementing yoga poses to improve breathing or other unique drills to improve the two girls confidence level. Also, she was aware of the girls interests and incorporated this into her teaching strategies. In addition, she was very perceptive and quickly learned the girls strengths and weaknesses. I was very pleased with the progress my daughter made and would highly recommend Jackie as a vocal instructor".                                                                                                                 April M, parent of 12 yr-old

Yoga Lessons

"I especially appreciate your knowledge and attention to technique.  your serene demeanor and your patience working with us to get the pose correct.  I really enjoy the private instruction and am starting to learn so much and like learning from the ground up".

Mary C, adult student